Software Development

Developing software is in the DNA of the company. Mathematical models need software to live, so we naturally have built up a strong IT and programming profile over the years.

We are interested in programming tasks in general, with a preference for problems involving analytics and mathematical modeling.

Case: TAPLA - The Tanker Planner

In 2016 we started the development of TAPLA, the tanker planner - a software tool to assist expert users in making the optimal tanker plan when coordinating air-to-air refuelings.

The tool was developed in close collaboration with the SMEs, iteratively capturing their knowledge in advanced mathematical models, visualizing the scenarios, incorporating feedback and then reiterating these steps in tight loops...


Reduce cost

  • Minimize the tanker consumptions
  • Reduce the average number of tankers needed to support an ATO
  • Optimize the allocation of tanker types to receiver types based on
    • off-load requirements
    • compatibilities
    • flight times

Increase efficiency

  • Reduce the time to make a plan from several hours to minutes
  • Automatically satisfy technical constraints (boom / drogue / hard basket / soft basket / flight time)
  • Automatically satisfy operational constraints
  • Increase the SA of the planner


  • Use as a stand-alone product or integrated into the existing IT infrastructure
  • Facilitate the integration of the planning process with adjacent functions
  • Built using best practice & state-of-the art software development principles
  • Enable automated performance monitoring and Data-Driven Decisions