It’s Danish!

Traditional BI Architecture

We are in Denmark, and to understand Danish you need a lot of language skills that need to be converted into rules. Our linguistic team converted the GDPR rules into semantic rules that were programmed.

It knows a lot about Denmark!

Traditional BI Architecture

GDPRsee knows all of the addresses in Denmark, all the medications, diseases, side effects, trade unions, faiths, financial institution and so on.

It’s Service-minded

Traditional BI Architecture

GDPRsee runs using web services. It means that it can be integrated with your email system or used in a robot tool to scan files or databases.

Avoid False Alerts!


GDPR reads and dissects sentences into its nominal components, i.e. subject, verb, object and so on. The order and classes of words is important to detect true GDPR issues and avoid false-positives!

Under the hood

Traditional BI Architecture

The engine of GDPR is composed of Python, NLTK, Linear SVM, React, Flask, Docker and NoSQL. The fuel is the amount of information that have been entered by our GDPR experts